How it works

We know how hard social enterprises are finding the current crisis. We have been supporting people like you for 23 years, and we’re not about to stop now.

We understand you’re probably facing challenges unlike anything you’ve dealt with before. Meanwhile, your income is under threat. You can’t afford to invest in top-class consultancies and business advisers.

That’s why we’re bringing the best of the bunch to you, for free, as virtual volunteers.

We’re partnering with some of the world’s most successful corporates, because their teams want to make a difference to social enterprises.

All you have to do is post an opportunity for the type of support you need. There is never any cost to you. (We’re run by a charity.)

Virtual Volunteers will match you with a volunteer professional who has the skills, experience and commitment to help you overcome your challenge.

Create a quick profile for your social enterprise.
Post an opportunity, outlining the support you need.
Volunteers apply for your opportunity – you decide who’s a good fit.
Receive voluntary support from a professional with the skills you need.

Why work with a skilled volunteer?

Access pro bono support

We’ll match you with a volunteer who has offered their time, skills, and expertise to help you solve a challenge – completely free of charge.

Develop skills within your team

Our experienced volunteers have a wealth of knowledge they want to share. They’ll help to up skill a member/members your team and give you the tools to tackle similar challenges if they arise in the future.

Work with professionals

Corporate and professional employees can offer a range of skills and experience from their field. They can provide you and your team with targeted support.

Solve a business challenge

Time and resources can be hard to come by, especially for social impact organisations. We’ll match you with a skilled volunteer to help you work through a specific challenge and get your business back on track.